Must Have Missed The Boat - Selected Songs 2004​-​2008

by Killing Pablo

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    A retrospective of Killing Pablo's output from 2004 - 2008. Released on Slacker Records. Here available for digital download. Name yr price, free is ok, but money is cool too cause it helps our current project Broadcaster.

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A collection of tracks spanning Killing Pablo's 3 albums released on 75orLess Records.


released February 1, 2011

c. mcternan - guitar, vocals
m. sherzai - guitar
d. hilton - bass
g. mcternan - drums

k. campbell - guitar on tracks 6, 10, 12, and 13
m. samos - lapsteel guitar on tracks 7 and 9

tracks 1, 3, 4, 8, and 16 recorded at Galilee Studios
engineered by g. dussault

tracks 2, 6, 7, 9, 14, and 15 recorded at Muzzle
engineered by s. lynch

tracks 10, 12, and 13 recorded in Worcester, MA
engineered by j. macierowski

tracks 5, 11, and 17 recorded live at the Bullpen in
New Bedford MA by m. macdougal



all rights reserved


Killing Pablo Worcester, Massachusetts

Killing Pablo existed from 2004 until late 2009. They released 3 cds on 75orLess Records. They were originally based out of Webster, MA. Later the band began rehearsing out of Worcester, MA until eventually a few members moved to Providence, RI which at that point they were asked to play a 75orLess Records Showcase night in East Providence which lead to their later relationship with the label ... more

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Track Name: Brontosaurus Lisp
oh so you've written yourself a ringtone.
lovely fucking ringtone.
Track Name: Blissed
burnin the last of the wood, it's best not to think about it
as a catalyst for the common good, please don't go on and say it again
and i can see it from here, could have been should have been look on your face and I know dear, don't let it get in your head
if you just keep on repeating it to yourself
don't let it get in your head

clutch it straight to your chest, well it's not enough
youve seen it right just like all the rest
got it all in your hand
just do the best that you can
well it's not enough

done everything that we could, in fact i'd rather not talk about it
straight from the spleen, those nothin for brains got boarded up ears, don't let it get
believe me i'm bruised but someday we'll get a grip of the bootstraps
don't let it get in your head
just keep repeating it, til it's true, til it's true
Track Name: New Granada
streets that need a sign, you can plot to kill your time
but everyone's as bored as you
all and all enthralled with the patterns on the walls
regale you with tales of mundane thoroughly charted growth
just wish I had a story to tell
wish I had a story to tell myself to sell myself

borrow me a line, deaf that dog is blind
inhale to melt the quaint array of grey cache
suburban Nietzsches strain, for bullets to their brains
well in this town you either kill yourself or your misery
I just wish I had a story to tell
Track Name: aHoFF
beauty lies in digging hols
keeping lights turned way down low
plug us in to a beholder

you let it all fall, now look at what we're left with
you dropped the ball, we pay the price
oh how nice

as we lie beside the drinking holes
this town is dead, the bars are closed
plug us into a beholder
Track Name: Eunuch From Munich (live)
standing firm on a broken down buick forming his first-sight opinion. sheep herder too drunk for defense stops to piss on his willing dominion. as the crowd swells and drowns out the meek fighting for scraps of attention. he sits silently, pondering thoughts, on the chasis and rotted suspension.
you''re the butt of an elaborate joke where the premise distracts from the punchline. two priest and a dog enter a bar and they're all being blinded by hindsight.
a sight to behold breaking molds in a leather beret and a tunic. they chant praise for the freedom they gave to the rule of the Eunuch from Munich. You can have it all.
Hey there, fuckface.
Track Name: Drinking Away A Hurricane
sunday stuck at the house, spent time with a friend
well not a friend per say, but he helps when we pay the rent
stayed up for a while, til we decided to drink for the day
realized we had nothing to say so we stumbled our way to a bar
yeah we thought we would find some cocaine, no one would take up our call
well no one is worth their goddamned weight yeah
no one's worth nothing at all
how long have i been asleep here, how long have i been lying in this
what's with this cut on my finger, what's with this bruise on my hip
yeah maybe I drowned in some sorrow, plus some klonopins and some gin
bars filled with unrealized prospects, well it kind of gets under your skin
but all i have to do, is to wait for you, to come back
to come back

please let me go to sleep
Track Name: Moe's Theme
got one over on you
Track Name: Down On La Brea
wandered down on la brea, fell right into the tar
got some stuck in your teeth, got a boot on your car
so what happens now
smiling mastodon skulls, suffocate with their bones
they bellowed out we won''t be found for days
but honestly I wasn't really listening anyway
Track Name: The Dancing Marxist
climbing high above the laborers, it's all titled in your favor. stir the sands of absent holders. your bloated shares and fair proposals.
it's a question of importance subject to relevance. a one track trap of common sense.
a man stands subconsciously free swallowing broken glass. what is profit but a concept. tell me was it worth it in the end. can't you taste the sweet success?
let the peasants reach for the top of the heap, we'll drown out all the stragglers. there's always time for a compromise. can't you taste the sweet success?
Track Name: Hands Across the Water (live)
flailing arms that catch a cold
just like I was six years old
give into a soft demand
trading fate for circumstance
drinking in a corner in a hail of spite, you've think by 25 that I could get this right
remember when with stupid grins we watched them drown, with Hands Across the Water?
with no need to resurrect
I hold uncommon dialects
staff the mass with carefree drunks
at least until the Nazis come, and they'll come back
spinning spinning spinning down the well
spin me spin me spinning straight to hell
baseless laws and wishing wells
backwards tails and poker tells
the chosen stole a Spainard's pelt
the rest could go and fuck themselves
remember when with stupid grins we watched them drown, that Hands Across the Water?
Track Name: Student Film
i had a dream, it was a student film
dragged in parts, and i died at the end
fell asleep about halfway through, halfway through
such an obvious plot twist, didn't like it, but I left it in

you cant wait to take your time again, no but still I don't know what you mean

the other day I think I saw a film
more like a movie as a friend suggests
what's the difference? we left about halfway through
couldn't take a cab home, couldn't take the train home
so we walked home as slow as we could

no and I don't know what you mean
Track Name: Cumberland Farms (Gnawing on Their Bones)
free hot dog buns
Track Name: Old Crow
drown us out of living starving class with the rats who dwell within the strip mall plain
whether i recall a single thought at all I just sit right back and pray for it to rain
who has got the power over words?
born into a well worn lack of shame

I wasnt aware there was any sort of reason